The Allen Entrepreneurial Institute

If in your mind you can conceive it, and in your heart you can believe it, then you will achieve it.

Five major factors contributed to the journey of establishing the Allen Entrepreneurial Institute at Camp Exposure:

1. The lack of minority and women-owned businesses within our communities throughout the United States and globally, resulting in a lack of minority business mentors;

2. The positive impact and exposure to African-American owned businesses that I received as a child growing up in the segregated South;

3. The positive impact I received from being exposed to much larger minority-owned businesses during a childhood visit to Atlanta, Georgia.

4. The impact that early exposure to entrepreneurship has on youth.

5. The firm belief that: “Exposure expands expectations.” & “If your mind can conceive it, and you believe it, then you can achieve it.”

the mission:

To increase the size and number of minority and women owned businesses throughout the United States and Globally.

The Founders

Lecester (Bill) & Mattie Allen

Fueled by a lengthy track record of success in education and real estate, we embarked on a journey to develop charter schools with an emphasis on providing business and entrepreneurship education K-12 and beyond.

We chose business and entrepreneurship because the minority community (especially the African-American community) is experiencing a dwarf of knowledge and understanding of how to create, maintain and grow a business."
    -Bill Allen


The AEI campus is home to the Allen Executive House- a boutique hotel and dormitory, the Allen Conference Center and Miss Rebecca's House- a 38,000 square foot antebellum style mansion. In addition to these classically designed and well appointed structures, we are proud to also boast amenities such as 35-acres of lakes, a natural walking trail, a beach-house style event pavilion and several gazebos.





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